Advantages :

- Renders surfaces very safe, especially when wet;

- Easier to clean and more economical than carpeting which retains water, produces humidity odours and bacteria. (The use of rubber mats in bathtubs is prohibited by hospitals because of algae propagation.);

- Increases employees' production;

- Reduces accident-related injuries;

- Reduces liability insurance and workman's compensation claims;

- Approved by Canadian Food Inspection Agency, File 3100-3/S400

Questions :

Question : Is dust or dirt created during the application of the treatment ? 

Answer : Not in the least. The floor is  cleaned thoroughly by the chemical reaction of our product during the application of our no slip treatment. 

Question : How long should we wait before walking on treated surfaces?

Answer :The treatment takes only a few hours and the floor can be re-opened to foot traffic right after the application is completed.  No drying time is needed.




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